Title and Lien Search

A title search is a necessary step in successfully buying or refinancing a property. Sellers need to verify that they are the rightful property owners who have a legal right to sell. Buyers need to uncover any claims, liens, or debts that will affect their purchase and loan. At A Plus Title Solutions, we want to help you discover any hidden complications that could lead to legal and financial losses down the line.

A lien search is done through the municipality the property is located in. It will reveal if there are any Open Permits, Code Violations, Open Water or Unsafe Structures that could affect the Buyer.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is an upfront, one-time cost that you can use to defend yourself against potential lawsuits or other legal complications. In the case that your title does not show up clear, insurance will protect you against related financial costs. Even if your initial title search shows up clear, you may discover obscure issues in the future. No matter what your title status is, title insurance is crucial.

Professional Escrow Services

Escrow accounts are another defense mechanism to protect your deposit and ensure it goes to the right party. A Plus Title Solutions serves as a neutral third party to protect buyers and sellers in case of complications during the purchase process. We safely hold funds and documents until all contract arrangements have been met.

HUD / Pre-HUD / CD / Pre-CD Preparation

Purchasing a property or conducting a listing presentation with a seller means you will need to contend with HUDs, Pre-HUDs, CDs, or Pre-CDs. In cash transactions, you will need to prepare a HUD or Pre-HUD. If there is a lender involved, you will need to prepare a CD or Pre-CD. Email us now to confirm your closing costs—or use our Seller Net Sheet Calculator for your listing presentation.

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